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Classification of CNC special machine tools

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There are many classifications of CNC special-purpose machine tools. As far as the current Chinese market is concerned, the few main CNC machine tools can be classified as follows:

1.CNC stator curve grinder,

2. CNC internal grinding machine,

3. CNC rotor slot grinder,

4. High-precision CNC servo valve sleeve grinding machine,

5. CNC ball head grinding super-fine machine,

6. High-precision hydraulic valve sleeve grinding machine,

7.Deburring machine for precision parts

Of course, in addition to the above, there are many other types of CNC machine tools. There are also many innovative CNC machine tool models according to the sound field models of various CNC machine tools from different manufacturers. But in fact, for the use of these innovative models, users still need to make some investigations. After all, the new and innovative CNC machine tools still have certain instability in terms of technical stability and maturity compared with some classic machines.

It is not a professional in time, and it is not very difficult to properly understand the classification of CNC special machine tools, the advantages and disadvantages of various classifications, and their applications. For this reason, many users indicate to the sales staff when purchasing CNC special-purpose machine tools that the classification they need to buy is not very clear before such a basic problem, it is still recommended that buyers can understand the CNC machine tools they need Use and classification.

There is still a lot of information on the classification of CNC special-purpose machine tools on the Internet. A certain understanding of CNC special-purpose machine tools before purchasing is also conducive to the purchase of CNC special-purpose machine tools.

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