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SL006C/SL006D Cam Ring Profile Grinding Machine


Equipped with two grinding spindles. Depending upon the various material of components and different 

technologies for both rough and fine grinding, the machine comes with a number of optional wheels with 

diverse material, linear speed, feed speed and grinding processes, which greatly enhances efficiency and 

precision of components during processing. The C-axis is driven directly by servo motor, which reduces 

transmission error and greatly improves the profile. The X-axis can be equipped with linear encoder. The 

spindle is configured in various rotating speed from 24000 rpm to 48000 rpm based on the particular demand.


It is mainly suitable for the processing of cam ring profile of vane pump, power steering pump, automobile airconditioning compressor, automobile fuel pump, etc.


Profile                                     0.02mm

Verticality of internal bus bar and reference plane  0.005mm

Surface roughness                           Ra0.2μm


Technical Data

Workpiece bore diameter(mm)


Grinding width max.(mm)


Workpiece OD max.(mm)


X-axis travel max.(mm)


Z-axis travel max.(mm)


C-axis speed max.(rpm)


X-axis feed speed max.(m/min)


Work head speed max.(rpm)


Machine dimensions(W×L×H) (mm)


Gross weight of machine(


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