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SL640 CNC Double Sided Grinding Machine


-High-strength cast iron base frame. The critical iron castings are conducted a finite element structural analysis. All 

castings are carried out double aging treatment and vibratory stress relief to ensure the stability of machine accuracy.

-The upper plate, lower plate and inner ring are driven by three sets of precise worm gear reducers and separate 

variable frequency motor. The maximum speed for both of the upper and lower plate is 180 rpm, which not only 

guarantees the stability for quality of the part processed, but also greatly enhances the processing efficiency.

-The spindles utilize the high precision bearings to ensure the rigidity and accuracy of machine tool.

-High-precision pneumatic load system utilizes precise proportional control valve along with technology of pressure 

and time functions in perfect to ensure the parallelism of the part processed. Feel free to adjust the programs of 

machining, polishing, pressure and time. Automatic conversion and easy operation greatly save the adjustment time 

of replacing products.

-Reliable PLC Control and Touch Panel; Convenient and intuitive operation.

-CBN grinding wheel with dressing rings.

-100% in process measurement by SONY sensor with 0.001 mm accuracy ensures the dimensional stability of 

each batch. 



It is mainly suitable for the processing of double sided fine grinding parts with large batch. Used widely in rotor and 

cam ring of power steering pump, cam ring and rotor of high pressure vane pump, hydraulic pneumatic component, 

hydraulic motor component, high precision bearing, air conditioning compressor component, oil pump nozzle 

component, engine component, instrument, seal, single crystal silicon chip, piston ring, measuring tool, mold, 

instrument, carbide blade, ceramic valve core, magnetic material component, etc.


Parallelism             0.002mm   

Surface roughness       Ra≤0.2μm

Technical Data

Wheel diameter(mm)


Load pressure Max.(MPa)


Upper drive power(kw)


Lower drive power(kw)


Center drive power(kw)


Carrier tool(pcs)


Workpiece diameter Max.(mm)


Workpiece thickness Max.(mm)


Machine dimensions(W×L×H) (mm)


Gross weight of machine(


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