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2. CNC internal grinding machine, high precision internal machining

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CNC, CNC machining. Used to process more complex parts, requiring high-quality parts.

The "Gang Taigong fishing, who wants to hook" in the Fengshen list tells the story of Jiang Taigong fishing the bait above the water and hooking it automatically. The story is meaningful and worth thinking about. It can be seen that people in ancient times also liked fishing, but the fishing rods, baits and other fishing tackles he used were not as advanced as ours. At that time, he could only use bamboo poles, and most of the fishing gear used by people now use carbon fiber, high-strength alloy materials. Good strength, light weight, small footprint, and easy to carry, it is an essential fishing tackle for bloody fishers.

Modern fishing rod, easy to carry and good quality. So how did he process it? Modern fishing rods are empty inside, so we need to process the inner hole, and due to the special nature of the material, ordinary machine tools can't process it. Ordinary machine tools have a long processing cycle and a good pass rate. In contrast, the CNC rod grinder produces different fishing rods, so we must use our CNC internal grinder to process this high-precision inner hole. It can be seen that the application of CNC internal grinding machines in daily life is inseparable from our daily life.

CNC internal grinding machine is mainly used for machining with higher precision and smaller surface roughness value, which indicates that the parts with better quality are processed. Easy and fast processing. The operator only needs to compile the machining program into the CNC machine tool to realize the automatic machining of the part. Therefore, CNC internal grinders are also suitable for our large-scale production and processing of parts. Short cycles, high efficiency and low cost are popular among many users.

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