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  • 2019-12-19

    It is inevitable that many laymen of CNC internal grinders will feel complicated and unfamiliar. After all, there are special lines for each line. Many consumers need to buy CNC internal grinding machines for a variety of reasons, and these consumers generally have small processing plants. For these manufacturers who want to buy CNC internal grinding machines, there are still some doubts when choosing CNC internal grinding machines. After all, there are still many companies specializing in the production of CNC internal grinding machines, and there are not a few brands of various brands that let us decide which brand of CNC internal grinding machines for a while. But the choice of CNC internal grinding machine can not be casual, after all, this is related to later product production. Therefore, we recommend that many consumers who have no reference and doorway but want to buy CNC internal grinding machines can choose to consult CNC machine manufacturers and brands of CNC internal grinding machines before they can consult and exchange, or And since
  • 2019-12-19

    CNC internal grinding machine is a high-precision automatic control machining machine which has been improved on the ordinary machine tools. Install a CNC control system on a traditional ordinary machine tool. Commonly used CNC systems are: 1. Japan FANUC system, produced in Japan, currently has a large market share, and is widely used in many enterprises in China. . 2. The German SINUMERIK system, produced by the German Siemens company, is used for high-precision CNC machine tools, and is mainly used in enterprises with higher motorization. 3. Central China CNC system, a domestic CNC system, was established in 1994. It is a major manufacturer of CNC equipment in China. It is jointly established by Huazhong University of Science and Technology and other units. Central China CNC system is easy to learn and cheap, so the machine tools of Central China CNC system are widely used in schools and enterprises. CNC internal grinding machine, put these CNC systems into the machine, add
  • 2019-12-19

    CNC internal grinding machine is an indispensable CNC high-precision automatic processing equipment in modern manufacturing. CNC internal grinding machine is mainly used to grind parts such as inner hole and end face, and guarantee the precision required by inner hole and end face. Is a new generation of high-precision, high-efficiency, high-automation and other new-type CNC internal machining tools. Therefore, our operators also have high theoretical knowledge and practical control requirements. But through learning and training, the operation of CNC internal circular grinding machine is also handy. CNC internal grinders are easy to learn and have special processing functions for grinding various parts. Therefore, CNC internal grinders can meet customers with different processing requirements, different accuracy requirements, and different part types. Provide the fastest, highest quality and most satisfactory parts processing services. Compared with traditional processing machine tools, it has distinct advantages. It is not comparable to traditional processing machine tools. Its characteristics are mainly: 1. High precision. Thanks to
  • 2019-12-19

    CNC, CNC machining. Used to process more complex parts, requiring high-quality parts. The "Gang Taigong fishing, who wants to hook" in the Fengshen list tells the story of Jiang Taigong fishing the bait above the water and hooking it automatically. The story is meaningful and worth thinking about. It can be seen that people in ancient times also liked fishing, but the fishing rods, baits and other fishing tackles he used were not as advanced as ours. At that time, he could only use bamboo poles, and most of the fishing gear used by people now use carbon fiber, high-strength alloy materials. Good strength, light weight, small footprint, and easy to carry, it is an essential fishing tackle for bloody fishers. Modern fishing rod, easy to carry and good quality. So how did he process it? Modern fishing rods are empty inside, so we need to process the inner hole, and due to the special nature of the material, ordinary machine tools can't process it. Long machining cycle of ordinary machine tools
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