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Extensive use of CNC internal grinding machines and CNC systems

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CNC internal grinding machine is a high-precision automatic control machining machine which has been improved on the ordinary machine tools. Install a CNC control system on a conventional ordinary machine tool.

The system has:

1. Japanese FANUC system, produced in Japan, currently has a large market share, and is widely used in many enterprises in China, with low prices and good performance.

2. The German SINUMERIK system, produced by the German Siemens company, is used for high-precision CNC machine tools, and is mainly used in enterprises with higher motorization.

3. Central China CNC system, a domestic CNC system, was established in 1994. It is a major manufacturer of CNC equipment in China. It is jointly established by Huazhong University of Science and Technology and other units. Central China CNC system, operation

It is easy to learn, and the cost is low. Therefore, CNC machine tools in central China are widely used in schools and enterprises.

CNC internal grinding machine, put these CNC systems into the machine tool, and add electromechanical equipment such as servo motor to assemble the CNC internal grinding machine we see. Compared with traditional ordinary machine tools, his advantages are reflected in a wide range of machining and high machining accuracy; good surface quality such as grinding inner circles and end faces; easy to learn and operate, without a large number of calculations, basically completed directly by the CNC system; Compared with ordinary machine tools, the workpiece can process more complex shapes; the degree of automation is high, and it is easy to produce large-scale processing lines.

With the advancement of science and technology, CNC internal grinding machines have also developed rapidly. The development direction is mainly high-precision, intelligent operation, and processing automation. CNC cylindrical grinders are used for machining parts, such as machinery, ships, aerospace, etc., with high machining accuracy. It can be seen that CNC internal grinding machine processing products can be seen everywhere in our daily life.

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